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Straight Tube Slide, 30" Diameter
The 30" diameter tube is the gold standard of sliding fun! Provides more sliding clearance than 24D tubes. 43"x41" panel and all tube plastics, joint pre-assembly, tube saddles & piping support hardware included - everything needed to install. Standard designs only. Ships in sections when necessary.

48" Deck Height
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60" Deck Height

72" Deck Height

Over 72" Deck Height
30D Tube Slides 12ft Deck Height Max Call or Email
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NOTE: We are not able to customize straight tube slides. We offer straight 24D and 30D tube slides from 3ft up to 12ft deck height. Additional tubing, elbows, or components may be added to an order, but no diagram, blueprints, or instructions can be provided for alterations of the slide or additional supports that may be required. Standard slide orders come with a design diagram, no individual slide orders come with installation instructions. We are generally able to help with answers to specific questions regarding installation methods and techniques, however, installation is the responsibility of the customer or customer's contractor.

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Detailed Play Systems
Detailed Play PRO provides professional grade heavy-duty commercial playground equipment swings and swing sets for children at PARK, SCHOOL, CHURCH, DAYCARE, and CAMPGROUND play sites. The products we offer meet or exceed rigid commercial playground equipment safety standards and are designed for constant use by children ages 2-12 with safeguards to help prevent against vandalism, weather, and sun. Bookmark our site, or enter right now to see our complete line of playground swings, slides, swing sets, roofs, tunnels, and more for your site!

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